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Nothing in life is free, right? Well, sort of… Newspaper Archive now allows you to view (3) pages per day with a FREE membership. Not just search but view the image as well.  As Leland Meitzler pointed out on the GenealogyBlog that’s 90 pages per month for the true addict (the addict part is my addition).  Of course, if there are extra $$’s in your genealogy budget you can also get a premium subscription with access to an unlimited number of images per day.

Check it out and enjoy!

Newspaper Archive sign up page

Listing of newspapers available on Newspaper Archive

Finding Missing Ancestors 1861-1869

Leland Meitzler of the GenealogyBlog currently has a series of posts on how to locate individuals during he difficult time period of 1861-1869.

This is the second post in the blog series and gives sources for Alabama through the District of Columbia.

Click here to view the 2nd post.

Click here to view the 1st introductory post.

Be sure to add Leland’s blog to your links or RSS reader to keep us with his posts.

FamilySearch Record Search Update

Paul Nata, Public Affairs Manager for FamilySearch, said in a press release January 31, 2009, that FamilySearch had added over 40 million new records to its Record Search pilot since January 5th.

Individuals with international roots from Argentina, Canada, Germany, IrelandGermany, Netherlands, and the Philippines will find some nice surprises in the newly added collections.

Birth, marriage, and death records were added for the Netherlands and Ireland.  Irish researchers in particular have been anxiously awaiting the 23 million records from the Irish Civil Registration indexes.   These records date from 1845-1958 and are also known as the Statutory Registration Records. Statutory registration for Protestants began in 1845 and for Catholics in 1864.

Many thanks to the thousands of online FamilySearch Indexing volunteers who helped make these wonderful records available.

See the chart below for more details. The new records can be searched for free at

(Click Search Records, then Record Search pilot).

Collection Name

Indexed Records

Digital Images


1869 Argentina National Census




California, San Francisco Area Funeral Home Records  1835-1931




Canada Census 1916




Costa Rica Church Records 1595-1992




Germany Burials 1500-1900



Ireland, Civil Registration Indexes 1845-1958




Mexico Aguascalientes Catholic Church Records 1616-1961



Netherlands Births and Baptisms



Netherlands Marriages



Netherlands Deaths and Burials



Philippines Marriages



1920 United States Census



Added  Alabama

1850 United States Census


Added Alabama and Indian Population

1850 United States Census (Slave Schedule)


Added Alabama, Missouri, and South Carolina

1850 United States Census (Mortality Schedule)


Added Louisiana and Indian Population

1870 United States Census


Added Pennsylvania

Analyzing Evidence & Fallacies in Genealogy

I read two blog posts this morning that I just had to share. The first, Analyzing Evidence on Gena’s Genealogy blog, discusses how to analyze documents and photos to get the “most” from them AND give links to forms on the Arizona State Library’s website to help you do this (these are keepers!).

The second article from the Western Kentucky Genealogy Blog discusses Five Fallacies in Genealogy.

I hope you get as much out of these articles as I did.

Happy Ancestor Hunting!

Melissa offering FREE access to Civil War Databases and Images is allowing free access to Civil War records through Dec. 1 through Access Genealogy.  You MUST access the databases via this link:

There is a TON of information here… including the Compiled Military Service Records (CMSR’s) of virtually all the Confederate soldiers and a few states of Union soldiers and much more!

Don’t forget about the special subscription offer for Veteran’s through November 30th!

Did You Know?

Did you know that the Tutwiler Collection of Southern History & Literature Department of the Birmingham Public Library is an authorized branch of the Family History Library and part of the research system of the Genealogical Society of Utah?

Since January 2003, Southern History has had the ability to order microfilm from the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah.   Currently, the cost is $5.25 per microfilm roll.   The Family History Library will not send books only microfilm and microfiche.   You get approximately one month to view it and make copies before the microfilm is returned.  Requests to order microfilm/microfiche should be made in person to the librarians in Southern History.

Click here to view the Family History Library Catalog.

Don’t forget about Interlibrary Loan

Kimberly Powell at has a great article on her blog today.   Her blog post reminds us about using the Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service to request books relevant to our family history research but not available locally.  I have used my local library (Birmingham Public Library) and it’s ILL service many times.

I encourage you to read Kimberly’s complete article and note the libraries she mentions that specifically lend genealogy-related books.