Free offers for February 2007

Ancestry has several FREE 3-day offers waiting for you to take advantage of them. (If you have a registered account with, log out prior to attempting to take advantage of these offers.)

1) home page offer. To see this offer, you must NOT be logged in as a registered user. Log out and a 3-day all access offer will display – no credit card required. Catch is you must “start” a family tree.

2) Ancestry. com African American Family History offer –

After searching the census, you will see your results, some will have the “lock” symbol beside them. If you select one of those census’ you will be prompted to give your name and email address for the free 3-day access.

3) – In honour of Heritage Day in Canada – go to

http://olivetreegen canada-news. shtml

A link is provided that will get you to the free access.
All you need do is register for your 3 days of free research in their World records.

This should be of interest to anyone looking in Canada orUSA or…. wherever Ancestry has searchable records.


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