has lowered subscription rates until?? has lowered the subscription rates for both the US Deluxe & World Deluxe subscription. US Deluxe is currently $99 (down from $155.40) & World Deluxe is currently $199 (down from $299.40). Who knows how long this will last? To take advantage of the offer on a NEW subscription go to:

If you already have a subscription to, call them at 1-800-Ancestry regarding the lower subscription rate.


2 comments on “ has lowered subscription rates until??

  1. jklsmith says:

    It took me an hour in discussions to renew my membership at the $199.00 rate versus the $299.40. Had to talk to three levels of reps. I was told that the ad page with the $199.00 offering, per the reps, was for only new online sign-ups… and excluded phone renewals. Didn’t work for me. I am now renewed for the next year at $199.00. 12/31/2007.

  2. jklsmith,

    Thanks for the feedback. This offer was posted to the blog back in February 2007. At that time, they were honoring the lower rate for existing subscribers who asked for it. The blog post does indicate that the rates are for NEW subscriptions… only suggesting that you call and ask for the lower rate as well.

    In your case it sounds like persistence definitely paid off.

    Thanks again,


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