PBS’ African American Lives Sequel

PBS has announced that it will do a sequel to African American Lives which premiered in February 2006 and showcased 8 different celebrities and researched their family history, culminating in several interesting DNA tests.

Now they are looking for one very lucky non-celebrity to assist with researching his/her family history. From the website:

To have your family history researched by the genealogists & geneticists featured on African American Lives – and to have me reveal your results to you ‘on camera’, all you have to do is read our guidelines, check out our FAQ’s, and then complete and submit our online application form – all before May 4, 2007.

Once we have received everyone’s submissions, a group of filmmakers, genealogists and historians will sift through the applications in search of the applicant who appears most eager to learn about their ancestry, whose family history holds the biggest questions or most intriguing mysteries, whose story can best help us illustrate the investigative process, and whose ancestors’ lives may help shed light on the African American experience itself.

So, good luck to everyone who applies, and whether or not you are selected to appear on the show, I look forward to seeing you when African American Lives II airs in February 2008.

Main webpage: http://www.pbs.org/wnet/aalives/


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