Walking Tour of the Birmingham Botanical Gardens May 26th

I apologize for the lack of posts to the blog. I have not forgotten that I still owe you all a write-up on the April Meeting.

This Saturday, BGS will have its annual walking tour. The Birmingham Genealogical Society will take a walking tour of The Botanical Gardens. In 1960, current Birmingham Mayor James W. Morgan spearheaded the movement to establish The Gardens on 69 acres east of the city’s zoo in Lane Park, on the south side of Red Mountain. “Morgan was interested in developing the city he loved, and the city would not have developed the same way without him,” explained James A. Head, former chairman of the campaign to locate the zoo at Lane Park. Despite objections from the Park & Recreation Board, Mayor Morgan went to Montreal to inspect the greenhouses at the Montreal Botanical Gardens and ask their curator, Dr. Henry E. Teuscher, to design a master plan for Birmingham. Morgan envisioned Birmingham’s Botanical Gardens as “the biggest attraction of this type in the Southeast.” Please join us and don’t forget to wear your walking shoes!

We will meet at the gardens at 1 pm.


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