Civil War Graveyard in Tuscaloosa County to be Moved

Near the town of Vance, Evans Cemetery will be moved to make way for a new industrial park. According to the article, they will move the cemetery sometime later this summer.

Read the full article in the Tuscaloosa News

Click Here for article

Additional information from BGS Vice-President, Scott Martin:

The Birmingham News, 19 June 2007

Vance plans to relocate the remains of a small Civil War cemetery late this summer as part of its efforts to build a municipal park. The Evans Cemetery may hold the remains of several Union and one unidentified Confederate soldier who were killed during the Battle of Trion toward the end of the Civil War. In woods between U.S. Highway 11 and Wire Road, the cemetery is part of about 40 acres that the city purchased from the Wallace Tingle family. For the 19th century remains to be relocated to nearby Vance Cemetery will require legal advertising, a license from the Alabama Historical Commission and the hiring of a licensed funeral home or registered archaeologist,. Mayor Keith Mahaffey states this will happen late this summer.

This article has not made it “online” yet – I will post a link to the article as soon as I find it.



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