Newspaper Archive creates

Newspaper Archive, a newspaper subscription site, has created a new website that appears to have extracted articles regarding tornado events from newspapers currently in the company’s subscription database. The website is free to search and you can view most of the articles in pdf form for free as well (some indicate premium content).

I searched for my home county of “Chilton County” and “Alabama” and turned up 39 articles… I then tried various localities in Chilton County and got even more hits.

I did note that some of the “hits” appeared to be linked to the incorrect article … there was a tornado article when the pdf opened just not from the date I expected from the “snippet” given.

All in all I did find some new articles about tornadoes and the after-effects. I have a great grandmother who died in the March 21, 1932 tornado to pass through Alabama so I am always on the lookout for more information about that day.

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Happy searching!



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