Invitation to BGS Members: Tuscaloosa County Genealogical Society Meeting

Invitation to BGS and others interested in preserving Tuscaloosa County records:

Thank you for being willing to make the announcement of this important meeting and Thanks to Dear Myrtle for getting me in touch with you. I’ve followed the Birmingham Genealogical Society’s blog coverage of the historic records in the attic of the Tuscaloosa County Courthouse and Thank you so much for that coverage.

At the regular monthly meeting of the Tuscaloosa Genealogical Society, which the next meeting will be on Thursday, Sept 6th at 7 pm, upstairs at the Tuscaloosa Public Library, there should be discussions during the business section of the meeting about the Preservation Project of these Courthouse records.

I have invited the Tuscaloosa Preservation Society, the Friends of Historic Northport, staff of the University Special Collections Library and Historical writer and editor Ben Windham of the Tuscaloosa News with all accepting that invitation, as well as the general public.

I wish to invite all members of the Birmingham Genealogical Society because I’m certain there will be records of interest to some. I can say that because no one really know what all of the 100’s of volumes will contain but it is known Tuscaloosa County was formed while Alabama was still a Territory and none of it’s four courthouses have ever burned or flooded.

The answer for Tuscaloosa’s Historic records will be the creation of a Local Government Record Archive. It is my hope that at this Sept 6th meeting, which is less than a week away, the groundwork for the partnering of many Societies and their members can be founded, working together toward this important goal.

As always, guests are welcomed and have the freedom to ask questions and/or make comments. I urge all interested and concerned persons to come and speak up. Give of your thoughts, wishes and advisement’s.

I can not stress how important your voice really is in this project. I firmly believe this will be a very important decision making meeting. All I can do this make you aware of the opportunity to let your voice be heard. Please accept this invitation. Thank You.

Mike Sullivan
Homewood, AL


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