August 25, 2007 Program Summary

Jason Kirby, Presentation on Census Records

Excerpted from the BGS Meeting Minutes by Carol Massey, Secretary:

In the absence of Guest Speaker, Linda Hartley to tell about Bro. Bryan (James Alexander Bryan), Jason [Kirby, President] had the program on the various censuses taken by the U. S. Government based on The Source.

· Population Census – 1790 – 1930 available to the public (taken every 10 years and held for 72 years for security and privacy issues). In 2012, the 1940 census will become available.

· Non-Population Census (families, industry, agriculture, new territories)

· Mortality Census (1850-1880 every 10 years by state)

· Veterans Schedule (1840 – 1890 Union soldiers only)

· Slave Schedules (1850 – 1860)

· Agricultural Census (1850 – 1880 every 10 years, 1890 and 1900 destroyed by Congress)

· Manufacturing or Industrial Schedule (1850 – 1880 – Alabama’s is poor quality and not legible)

· Social Census (1850-1880 – Alabama’s is faded and not legible)

· States/Local Census (done in between the Federal Census)

· 1907 Confederate Census (Alabama survivors)

· 1924 Widows of Confederate Veterans


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