Family Tree Maker 2008 Review

The following review is by Melissa Paulk, BGS Hospitality. To see additional reviews and information on the new version of Family Tree Maker 2008 see:

Eastman blog

FTM Media Kit

I have been using FTM since the beginning and have been pleased with the updates through FTM 16. FTM 2008 has been a big disappointment.

I have a large database and it would not import the file. It did however import a small file of about 1500 names with no problem. Some of the new features are great but some of the old are gone. There are no genealogy reports (Register and Ahnentafel Reports). The “all in one” tree is gone, as is the hourglass tree and the ancestor tree. Many options on the charts that remain are gone, missing, or different.

You can purchase 2008 as an additional program, retaining the previous version of FTM and using both programs. This is what I have decided to do. Hopefully FTM will offer updates with the missing features.

The point here is that FTM 2008 will NOT install over previous versions so you can continue to use the older version. Remember, 2008 only works with Windows XP and Vista operating systems.


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