New Hoover UDC Chapter Holds Organizational Meeting

Organizational meeting attendees

A new chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy for Hoover and the surrounding communities held its organizational meeting recently. It will be called Emma Sansom Chapter, after probably the most famous Confederate heroine in Alabama.

When Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest was pursuing Union Col. Abel Streight to deter him from his mission to destroy Rome, Georgia, Forrest found the bridge crossing Black Creek near Gadsden on fire and guarded by Union sentinels. Bravely Emma, a girl of 15, regardless of the fact that she and her family might suffer retaliation from invading troops, offered to show Forrest a ford where he might cross. Perched behind him on his horse with bullets whizzing all around, she guided him there and saw the Confederates safely across, waving her bonnet at the Federals whose musket volleys sent a bullet through her wide skirt.

A meeting has been scheduled for early January at which time the papers of all potential members will be completed, and the Charter will be signed.


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