Family History Software/Subscriptions on a Budget

While we would all like to be able to afford the latest and greatest in all things. Reality sets in for most of us and we find ourselves stretching our “discretionary” cash for our shared addiction – genealogy/family history research.

That said, have I got a deal for you? has some great deals on software to record your family tree information. They are not the most recent releases, but in the case of Family Tree Maker that’s a good thing from what I have heard. As an added bonus the Family Tree Maker 16 packages offered each come with varying lengths of free subscriptions to Ancestry. com. The cheapest starts at $14.95 – though I am seriously considering the $29.95 package with the 1 year subscription – my current Ancestry subscription is almost up and why pay $150.00 when I could get more for $29.95.

You can check out the offers here. And see the store rating/buyer feedback for from Bizrate here.


One comment on “Family History Software/Subscriptions on a Budget

  1. […] Subscription on the “Cheap” Back in October I posted about a deal was offering on Family Tree Maker version 16 that included a 1 year subscription to – read the complete post here. […]

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