And the Winners are…

We had some great entries last Saturday (Oct 27th) in the 41st Annual BGS October Project Fair. All of the participants put a lot of time and work into their projects. Unfortunately, we could only award prizes to (3) of the entries.

1st Place – Dr. Tom Caldwell
“The Davidson’s”

Dr. Tom Caldwell, 1st Place

Dr. Tom is a long-time member of BGS and presently holds the position of Curator in BGS.

2nd Place – Patricia Crim Dietlein
“Weaving the Generations Together”

Patricia Crim Dietlein, 2nd Place

Pat is an author (Central Park and a Bit Beyond) and BGS Board Member. She is also our Project Fair Winner from 2006.

3rd Place – Bettina Pearson Higdon Burns

Bettina, 3rd Place

Upon winning 3rd Place, Bettina commented that this was the 3rd time since 2000 that she had won 3rd place. She also told me that I had better mention the fact that she was 87 years old. Bettina is a prolific writer and has written many books on the families she has researched. She encourages us often to “put it on paper”! Bettina is a former Board Member of BGS, most recently serving as Parliamentarian.

Our judge this year was Yvonne Crumpler, Head Librarian of the Southern History Department at BPL.


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