Subscription on the “Cheap”

Back in October I posted about a deal was offering on Family Tree Maker version 16 that included a 1 year subscription to – read the complete post here.

Back then this particular software was selling for $29.95. They have since increased the price to $59.95, but that is still a terrific deal on a 1 year subscription. The cheapest you can find this subscription anywhere is $99.95. So if you have been wanting to subscribe, but want to pay less… now is your chance.

Just a note about “how” to get the subscription. There are instructions in the package on how to do it from the software once you install. I couldn’t get it to work that way. So I called Ancestry’s Billing Department (1-800- Ancestry, select option for billing) and told them my dilemma. The rep asked for the barcode from the box and forwarded my information over to the department that handles those requests and said I should hear back from them by the next day and if not she gave me her name and extension to call back. This was AFTER 6pm CDT. Within 1/2 hour of the call, my current ancestry subscription had been extended for one year and I had an email confirmation of it… I was VERY impressed with the fast response.


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