Preserving Church Records, part II

Providence #1 Baptist Church, March 31, 2007

I posted last week about a church fire in my birth county of Chilton and encouraged everyone to get involved and work with churches in their area to get the records microfilmed. Well, Friday night another church in Chilton County was set ablaze (yes, it has been ruled arson) and this one strikes close to home.

Providence #1 in North Chilton County was the church home for my GREEN and related families. I have visited the church several times and photographed many of the burials (though not all – the cemetery is quite large). The “new” sanctuary (see photo above) was saved, but the old sanctuary and fellowship hall are a total loss. No word on the fate of the church records.

For a long while now, I have been plagued by this little voice that kept telling me that I needed to get involved more with all of the local churches and work with them to get the church records microfilmed. Well, I guess the Providence fire is the kick in the posterior I needed to actually get up and do something. Maybe that is how things work sometimes… we put off until tomorrow… then it hits close to home and we realize that tomorrow is too late.

Don’t wait too late to get involved. Talk to a local church today about record preservation.


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