BGS Meeting — March 22, 2014 — Using the Legacy Stories Website to Organize and Store your Genealogical Research

The Birmingham Genealogical Society meets the fourth Saturday of each month (ex. Nov. & Dec.) at the Downtown Birmingham Public Library. Guests are always welcome!

Next meeting: Saturday, March 22nd at 2 p.m.;Board Meeting at 1:00 p.m.

Meeting Room: Arrington Auditorium, 4th Floor, Linn-Henley Building

Speaker:  Suzanna Rawlins, current BGS President

Program Topic:  Using the Legacy Stories Website to Organize and Store your Genealogical Research

Please join us as Suzanna Rawlins, current President of the Birmingham Genealogical Society, will give us a presentation on Legacy Stories – a cool way for us to store our genealogy research online.  Legacy Stories was launched in 2011 as a new and innovative way for genealogists and family historians to gather family history and heritage information and preserve it for future generations. There are no programs to download – this is totally done on line. This website leverages the social networking capabilities of Facebook in a safe and secure environment. It is a GREAT way to organize and store genealogical research, share information with whomever YOU choose to share it with and hopefully empower you to fill in those genealogical blanks by allowing other family members to share your research and add comments of their own.  Another great tool – Talking Photos!  The system easily lets you add your voice to photos you have uploaded.  What a treasure for you to share with future generations – they will be able to hear your voice as you talk about the photos…. The URL for the site is Join us for a brand new approach to sharing genealogical information.


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