IGHR Moving to University of Georgia campus in 2017

News from our friends at IGHR:

Samford University Library and the Advisory Board of the Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research (IGHR) have announced the new host site for IGHR.

IGHR will be moving to Georgia in 2017. One of the four prestigious genealogical institutes in the United States and the only one with special emphasis on Southern research, IGHR will be moving from its home of more than 50 years at Samford University and the Samford University Library. Samford University in Birmingham, Ala. has grown immensely, and demands on its space and staff can no longer accommodate the week-long, intensive series of courses.

Lori Northrup, IGHR Director, and Kimmetha Herndon, Dean of Samford University Library, and the remaining Advisory Board Members of IGHR evaluated a number of proposals for the new host site and chose Georgia Genealogical Society, Inc. to be the organization to carry forward the tradition of excellence in genealogical education. Georgia Genealogical Society will work to maintain the high standards that have been a hallmark of the Samford University Library’s stewardship of this event.

Susan Sloan, President of GGS, stated, “It is indeed a high privilege for Georgia Genealogical Society to have this opportunity to raise the standard of genealogical research for the South by continuing the tradition of excellence that is IGHR. We embrace this challenge with great enthusiasm.”

The Institute will move to Athens, Ga. and the Georgia Center for Continuing Education in July of 2017. In addition to quality faculty to plan and teach the courses, IGHR courses demand excellent library collections to support the curricula and work of the students. The University of Georgia Libraries are known for being outstanding in depth and breadth and will support existing courses, as well as allow for potential expansion on the number of courses that can be taught in the future at IGHR.

The Georgia Center for Continuing Education is on the campus of the University of Georgia and will provide IGHR participants and faculty with a self-contained facility with classrooms, hotel, and food under one roof. 

Georgia Genealogical Society, Inc., a 501(c) 3 not-for-profit, was founded in 1964, with its first stated objective being “to raise the standards of genealogical research over the State through educational programs, workshops and the publication of genealogical data.” This statement makes it clear that the missions of IGHR and GGS are closely aligned, said Sloan.


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