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The Birmingham Genealogical Society, Inc. edits a newsletter, which incorporates information primarily relating to Jefferson County, Alabama.

Membership in Birmingham Genealogical Society is classified into subscribing and active. Subscribing members are those who are interested in the newsletter but take no part in meetings of the Society. Active members are those persons living within the area of Birmingham who can attend meetings and will assist in the work of the organization.

The dues in each instance is $20.00 for single memberships and $25.00 for family. Only one magazine is sent to the family group. The fiscal year of the Society is January through December and dues are payable by January 1st. No magazine is sent after dues become delinquent. Dues paid before October 1st will be considered the current year and dues received after October 1st will be credited to the upcoming year.

All members are eligible to submit at no cost queries for publication in the newsletter. Queries are published as space is available.  Also, at intervals when rosters are printed, an attempt is made to list each member giving his or lines of ancestral research.

In the event you desire to become a member of Birmingham Genealogical Society an application is enclosed for your use. After this has been completed it should be returned the Society address above if not directed in another manner. Your check should be enclosed at the time of the application. You may submit a query or article for the newsletter at this time if you wish.

Any correspondence with the Society or its members requesting a reply should be accompanied by a self-addressed stamped envelope, otherwise it cannot be handled. Our dues are kept at a minimum and do not include the expense of handling personal mail. Our Society website is:

We shall be glad to hear from you.


Patricia Crim Dietlein, Membership Chairman


Download the BGS Membership Application by clicking on the link below:

BGSmembershipapplication 2017_12


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